• Why buy when you can hire

    • No Sim card fees, or topping up.
    • No server fees, or hidden charges.
    • No tracking fees into the server.
    • Just hire for £29.95 per month

    Standard terms and conditions apply, all costs included. The Knox 3G tracking unit is very small & covert ideal for all GPS tracking applications track absolutely anything or use it for personal protection as the quick access SOS button will instantly alert your selected receiver by email or text message that you are in need of assistance. Instantly sending them a trackable link to their smart phone. Full server support just perfect for so many GPS tracking applications. This GPS tracker is possibly the most adaptable tracking unit on the market, simple to use and understand.

    Absolute Tracking

    Have been working in the GPS tracking industry servicing private detectives, organisations and private users for over 16 years and continue to deliver a tailored service to all of our users, whether recreational GPS tracking, private GPS tracking to catch cheating partners or more serious applications, we have a solution for you. Did you know you can buy or hire a tracker! .You don’t have to be a company or organisation to use our products and services, all you need to do is purchase it’s that simple.
    We have kept everything very clear and simple for our users with the simplest easy to use platform able to load on any browser with no need for any programing or special software, MAC, ANDROID or a simple PC browser on any computer will allow you to use your tracking system.

  • We also connect trackers from other providers please drop us a line with your tracking units details.

    Is your current GPS Tracker making the grade? are you paying too much for a service? Before you buy into or re -new any tracking contract get in touch, as you might be surprised what we can offer you contract free, that’s right no contract required unless you want one? You might be surprised just how easy it is to save money & get a better GPS product from www.Absolute-Tracking.com
    We deliberately designed the system for easy operation. We automated all the technical stuff so you don't have to deal with anything technical, you just open the website, log in as if you were on Facebook and look at your tracking unit. Our new high speed cloud based server really delivers the performance of our system to you at a super-fast speed, in all honestly we don't believe there is a faster system on the internet then our current up to date tracking platform. Absolute Tracking are not just innovators & pioneers, Absolute Tracking are the total solution provider, much more than just another online reseller.

    GPS Tracking And Your Vehicle Warranty.

    Some of our GPS trackers require no wiring at all so simply place and use with no hassles perfect for users who do not want to invalidate their car warranty on their new or hired car? Did you know connecting to a nice expensive vehicles wiring loom will invalidate the warranty, but no one will probably tell you this so be careful when you buy or install any GPS device for car tracking or otherwise. You might be surprised when you check this information out, call your dealer and ask the question.