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Top up your sim card here just click the relevant sim card.

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All products come with the sim card fitted inside and connected on Pay as you go, it's a simple task to swap to your contract sim card if you would prefer. (simply select the sim card you want from the drop down menu when you purchase your GPS tracker)

Did you know we are one of the biggest sim card distributers in the UK connected with all the major air time providers, we don’t charge for sim cards they are free on pay as you go.  Request your free sim cards and we will ship them to you - need one or 50 there is no charge for the sim cards just pay the postage. click the contact link and request the sim card type & quantity you require.

GL300 KNOX is our GPS car tracker The GPS Knox is a dedicated Vehicle tracking device easy to use and understand its reliability is only equalled by its performance, reliable and typically offers a 20 day standby. No wiring hassle simply put it on the outside underneath the vehicle or inside the vehicle.

Superfast cloud based server The new Cloud based server is incredibly fast with full access to multi devices simultaneously enabling you and your team to fully view and control in the same instance. The dedicated mobile smart phone tracking app is free and included in all packages, simply scan the bar code in your mapping account and instantly get the browser based app no need to download or install anything!

Hire the 3G GPS tracking unit Hireing a tracking unit can costy as little as 90p GBP per day all inc of VAT and all costs. Imagen you simply take the product out of the package charge it up with the power lead provided then just use it until you finished with your requirements, then just return it back to us by post, no need to cancel any contract or worry about hidden costs when you hire.

Costs are low for a top class service Some company’s charge you the world strap you up into silly binding contracts not to mention expensive call out costs for engineers every time you want to move a tracker from one car to another etc. Absolute Tracking Ltd do not believe in charging for everything in bits & pieces so you will not get any surprise invoices or find yourself in a fix if your tracker becomes lost broken or malfunctions for any reason.

A full Tracking solution taylored just for you Not just another tracking system! All systems and packages from Absolute Tracking come in the form of a fully supported tracking solution with support when you hire from us you get everything included, As a log time business provider we have supplies GPS tracking systems to private clients and organisation for over 14 years, we know why a tracking system works and we know what our customers need that’s why we provide you with a full GPS tracking package and no contracts, simply pay as you go.

Paypal & payment subscriptions To set up a Paypal subscription takes a few minutes, simply go to you paypal account and click recurring payments or click the link we send you in the email and its done, you can open your paypal account at any time and click cancel, you’re in full control of the monthly payment, is that not something that’s quite rare these days?

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