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Hire or buy the GPS KNOX 3G !
Going on a short trip?
Why not hire the new 3G tracking
system full package
Just £29.95 per month !

Standard terms and conditions apply, all costs included. The Knox 3G tracking unit is very small & covert ideal for all GPS tracking applications track absolutely anything or use it for personal protection as the quick access SOS button will instantly alert your selected receiver by email or text message that you are in need of assistance. Instantly sending them a trackable link to their smart phone.  Full server support just perfect for so many GPS tracking applications. This GPS tracker is possible the most adaptable tracking unit on the word market, simple to use and understand.


Absolute Tracking the GPS solution provider specializing in GPS tracking products for vehicles, people & assets. We work worldwide with many different types of customer & corporate client providing services from general GPS tracking to asset risk management services.

Absolute tracking Ltd also provide consultations exploring all the aspects of GPS tracking & asset management worldwide. Our products & solutions can be tailored to fit specific customer requirements & our prices are amongst the most competitive you will find online. We are able to deliver volume orders and currently service many different industries across the globe.

Is your current provider making the grade? Are you paying too much for basic tracking services? Before you buy into or re new any tracking contract get in touch, you might be surprised just how easy it is to save money & get a better GPS product from www.Absolute-Tracking.comDid you know  we created and designed this tracking system ourselves; we deliberately designed the system for easy operation. We automated all the technical stuff so you don't have to deal with anything technical, you just open the web site, log in as if you were on Face book and look at your tracking unit. In fact Face book is far more complicated and harder to use then our tracking platform, fact!

Our new high speed cloud based server really delivers the performance of our system to you at a super-fast speed; in all honestly we don't believe there is a faster system on the internet then our current up to date tracking platform.  Absolute Tracking Ltd are not just innovators & pioneers,  Absolute Tracking Ltd are the total solution provider, much more than just another online reseller.

GL300 KNOX GPS car tracker The GPS Knox is a dedicated Vehicle tracking device easy to use and understand, its reliability is only equalled by its performance, typically offers a 20 day standby, When running on its own internal rechargeable battery, you can add a 4 month battery pack to this tracker to prolong the battery life if required, simple plug and play USB battery set with UK power chargers. this device is very generic and can be used with SOS panic alarm when used overtly by a driver or run covert in its magnetic case

Superfast cloud based server The new Cloud based server is incredibly fast with full access to multi devices simultaneously enabling you and your team to fully view and control in the same instance. With all server accounts you get our free dedicated smart phone tracking application, simply scan the dot matrix square with your smart phone, and you will get the app load up no special software or programing required, it’s seamless. This APP is also free

Hire the 3G GPS tracking unit Hireing a tracking unit can costy as little as 0.90p GBP a day all inc of VAT and all costs, no hidden charges, with our tracking systems you decide what you want to do and how you want to connect them to your vehicles. All our systems have rechargeable batteries as usual and will plug into any mini USB charger just like a mobile phone or TomTom. Did you know we can support your hardware costing you les then 0.50p per day! (NO CONTRACT) unless you want one....

Costs are low for a top class service Some companys charge you the world and hide costs until your all signed up! The average dedicated GPS car tracking device come’s with yearly costs and hidden fees not to mention engineer costs for re wiring in and out of vehicles. Absolute Tracking Ltd do not beleive in charging for everything in bits & peices so you will not get any suprise invoices.
Just pay for what you use on a pay as you go basis, you are in full control of your running costs.

Tracking taylored for you, switch over to us & save £££ Not just another tracking system, but a full supported network just for you when you hire from us you get everything included. We will not just send you a box leaving you with lots to connect or work out, the products come our to you live and working all you need to do is make sure the tracker is fully charges up and log in to use it, you control the tracking unit from your mapping account its simple one button allows you to tell your tracking device how to operate, once you have sent the command the GPS tracker will do what you select

Paypal & payment subscriptions Did you know? Paypal provide an auto subscription so no need to use your credit or bank account if you do not want to. To set up a Paypal subscription takes a few minutes, simply go to you paypal account and click recurring payments or click the link we send you in the email and its done, you can open your paypal account at any time and click cancel, you’re in full control of the monthly payment, is that not something that’s quite rare these days?


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